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Ever listen to some popular artists and think "they're not any better than me. Why is this song so popular?" 

A huge part of that answer is mixing and mastering.

Mixing alone can be the difference between your music and whoever is on top of the charts right now.

But guess what? That's not your fault. Your job is to work on your vocals and connect with fans through your lyrics and melodies. That's why pairing up with the right producer and engineer is such a huge factor in your success or failure.

Poor mixing and mastering can ruin a song. I've heard it plenty of times. Artists have played me their music where their lyrics are dope, delivery is on point, and all the other elements are there, but the mixing and mastering are not at a high enough level.

This takes the chances of your song having any real success to about 0%.

I’ve mixed songs for artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, BOB, Bolo (who produced “Watch Me Whip” which has a billion views on Youtube) and many more of the most successful artists out. I know what it takes to make a song that has the level of quality and professionalism required so that radio, clubs, TV and film will take your music seriously.

The problem is hiring an engineer who actually has the experience and skill to mix and master at an industry level will charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to mix one song.

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